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At first he thought it was a mistake, but he has since pieced together the link.He believes it was from his mother’s 2nd great grandmother, who had come from the Cumberland Gap area of Appalachia, home to a tri-racial population known as “Melungeons.” The Melungeons are of European, African and Native American ancestry.Our researchers have also excluded those with more than 5 percent African ancestry with the assumption that it’s more likely that their ancestry is known.That doesn’t mean it is known, just as it doesn’t mean that those of European descent with 5 percent or less African ancestry are unaware of it.

James Larry Vick, whom we’ve written about before in this blog, talked about his own similar discovery through 23and Me that he had African ancestors.

In the footage, the men can be heard saying “Give me, give me, give me the phone”, seemingly unaware that the whole incident was being caught on camera.

They allegedly made off with a laptop and three of the crew members' phones.

In addition, our database includes customers who are actually European so the actual percentage of Americans of European descent in our database who have African ancestry may be higher.

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But we believe this is the first detailed look of the African ancestry among those who consider themselves white. For instance, looking at the generational distribution implied by the percentages it appears most of the mixing occurred 200 years ago or more.

(That’s me on the left with my brother when we were kids.) Our family’s heritage is solidly English, Irish and German. But those thin green segments in my 23and Me Ancestry Painting meant that one of my grandmother’s great grandmothers, or one of her great grandfathers, was black.