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Tens of thousands of Spanish Jews subsequently fled to Portugal, where King John II granted them asylum in return for payment.However, the asylum was only temporary—after eight months, the Portuguese government decreed the enslavement of all Jews who had not yet left the country.The Portuguese Inquisition expanded its scope of operations from Portugal to the Portuguese Empire, including Brazil, Cape Verde, and India.According to Henry Charles Lea between 15 tribunals in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Évora burned 1,175 persons, another 633 were burned in effigy and 29,590 were penanced.Until the 15th century, some Jews occupied prominent places in Portuguese political and economic life.For example, Isaac Abrabanel was the treasurer of King Afonso V of Portugal.King Sancho I of Portugal continued his father's policy, making Jose Ibn-Yahya, the grandson of Yahia Ben Rabbi, High Steward of the Realm.

In the 19th century, some affluent families of Sephardi Jewish Portuguese origin, namely from Morocco, returned to Portugal (such as the Ruah and Bensaude).

This may be Camões' poetic interpretation of an alleged meeting (reported in Gaspar Correia) between Vasco da Gama and the older Abraham Zacuto at a monastery by Belém beach, just before his fleet's departure, in which Zacuto reportedly gave Gama some final navigational tips and warned him of dangers to avoid.