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Instead, he should say 'O Allah, do free me of my debts'.

When to Get One's Son or Daughter Married * j^j- 88. (27) He should not make any conditions with Allah such as 'O Allah, if you wish to free me of my debts then free me'.

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Duas to be Recited after Fajr Saiaah" 126 58- Special Duas to be Recited after Maghrib and Fajr Salaahs 127 59. When Having Meals in the Company of a Sick Person 130 64. Doing it for a number of days, then leaving it could prove to be detrimental. The famous Sahabi, Aboo Zarr Gef aari (RA) maintains that it falls just after zawaal (zenith) till the sun declines one arm's length. the area wherein the Sa'ee is made be- tween the Safaa and Marwah. 17 PART 8: PERSONS WHOSE DUAS ARE AC- CEPTED WITH CERTAINTY (1) A destitute and helpless person. (10) Any Muslim s Duas so long as it is not for oppression or severing blood ties. PART 9: AL-ISMUL-A'ZAM AND ITS EFFECT IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF DUAS (1) According to one Hadeeth, The Ismul-A'zam through which Duas are certainly granted and needs fulfilled is contained in the following Dua: There is none worthy of worship except You. I beg of You as I bear witness that You are Allah; there is none worthy of worship except You; You are unequalled, free from want one that does not beget nor is He begotten and none is equal unto Him. E.) Tel.: 06-561-5483 Dubai Branch Tel.:04-352^294 E-mail: [email protected] Azhar Academy Ltd Continents House, Cooks Road, London E15 2PW Tel./Fax: 020 8534 9191, E-mail: [email protected] with the permission of ISLAMIC PROMOTION P. RARTTO: Asmaa 'ul-Hysriaa or The Beautiful Names of Allah 12. Whoever says this Name of Allah 1000 times dally, all forms of doubts and uncertainties will be removed from his heart and, instead, determination and faith will become ingrained in him. PART 9: A/-lsmuf-Azam and its effect in the Acceptance of Duas fl. Whoso learns them and recites them will surely enter Jannah." According to another riwayah : "Whoso commits them to memory and recites them constantly will surely enter Jannah." They are as follows: 1 THE NAME OF ALLAH. (29) He should not be hasty, expecting the Dua to be granted immediately.

(28) He should not make Dua wherein there is sin or the breaking of blood tie.

If anyone writes it (on paper or by engraving it on a silver ring) and keeps it on him (as ta 'weez\ his physical and spiritual safety will remain the responsibility of Allah. Anyone who offers 2 Rak'aat of Salaah after having had a bath and recites this Beautiful Name of Allah 100 times with sincerity, he will be purified in body and spirit.

2) Ne bih zeleo da javno na Internetu pricam o vrsenju Tajne Krstenja od strane mirjana. 105) Na stranici gde se govori o misionarskom radu vase zajednice se nalaze fotografije na kojima su ljudi sa gitarom. Danas postoji veoma strogo pitanje mogucnosti postojanja neceg zajednickog izmedju Crkve i savremene kulture, rok-kulture. Cesto predstavnici Crkve govore o tome da je stvaralastvo rok-muzicara – satansko delo. Naprimer, u javnost je izasla brosura jeromonaha Sergeja, u kojoj je on sklon opravdavanju ponasanja skoro svih rok-izvodjaca, cak i onih kao sto je Ozi Ozborn.… continue reading »

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