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The acting was superb and on a scale of 1 to 10I would give it an 8.5! Well, though it's already pretty obvious in the beginning that the story would be like this. But anyways, I like the story though I hate the ending. When i watch school 2013 I sob everytime when i saw the friendship between LJS and KWB. It get another feelings like I want to punch Kang So Young. but I like go eun byul character more coz she's so bold and strong and suit in such high school situation so her friends dont underestimate him.. Just love yook sung jae just think about it, because i really fallin with nam jo hyuk!

:) To be honest, I went crazy everytime Eun byeol meets So Young. Why did u make ending like this i feel bad for my tae gwang :((.. But I still think it's unfair, I thought she really liked Eun-byul but he ended up liking her twin sister instead and I thought he was really inlove with her. It's better if Eun-bi ended up liking Tae-gwang since he's been there for her from the start. Ok bye y'all xoxo nam joo hyuk's acting was best than that tae kwang who should only just sing and dance if he cant do acting properly.i really hate tae kwang's acting . this drama told us about his high school and if you guys want to know about next chapter about his life (i mean college), you can watch "cheese in the trap".

i feel so pressured during whole series whom she will end with...thanks God she ended with han yi ahn i shipped them during all episodes..me they have more chemistry than tae kwang..kwang was also good but all that matter is whom she likes.her choice was good enough.. after all it was Tae Kwang who cared and loved Eun Bi much. Please make School 2017 the season 2 of this drama.

Hahaha some scenes are somewhat related with School 2015. genuinely i didnt except much from this drama but it was very good with important life lesson.. It so sad that Eun Bi and Yi Ahn got together, I really thought it would be Tae Kwang and Eun bi. And yeah, she's bad cuz she run away from her own problem, but that's the moral value of the story. I usually go for the doomed side piece but in this one, it was more the screenwriters' faut and you have to think for yourself about their relationship off screen to better accommodate yourself some with the ending. it's really frustrating knowing that Eun Bi didn't like Tae kwang where in fact they have chemistry than Han Yi An!!! it was an awesome drama but it would be much better if the end part would be revised coz it's totally insane!!!But the story is still awesome Best kdrama that ive watched. But oh wells, maybe the second male lead and female lead aren't really for each other in dramas. But i don't mind , the line story is good by the way :) A very interisting drama!there where so much secrets so I really needed to watch it till the end x D! Fan From Belgium This is one of the best high school dramas that i've ever watched. :) This is the second Kdrama i've watched (first was Producer!Yi An has mix feeling between surprise, happy, relieve, confuse, angry at the same time. I was impress how they solve their own problem, thanks to writernim though. For the best ending i think Han Yi An should love eun byul only and eun bi get along together with GTK. He is my ideal type of man :3 I really love Cha jong soo's character here ? I really love how concern she is for her friends, she's so cool and such a beauty too. At first I really appreciated the flow of the story and the message the drama was giving but it actually gave me more. Lastly the message she gives in the end is the highlight... The screen writers did a poor job on expanding Han Yi An and Eunice Bi.

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He happy to see her alive, but confuse since he's finally able to accept Eun Bi's existence. -- i think this story is more realistic, if i were Eun Bi, my heart is belong to Tae Kwang since he said "can't i be the first person to call your real name?? Childhood love story berween bestfriend, naahh you can't replaced that easily, moreover if the other person has the same face with your first love, its just wrong in so many level.. I smiled and cried and angry and melted while watching. I like eun byul's character tho, savage and cool,a really good unnie. I am currently having a lot of thoughts and fear about my future but this really cheered me. @Marisol Just to make it clear, Eunbyeol feel so bad for Eunbi's life. Logically, they've spent a lot more time together, in the morning and at school, which would explain how boring it might be for the audience.Eun Bi, she really confuses about the kiss on the peck incident. (Sorry, Tae Bi shipper here, but Joo Hyuk still my ultimate bae tho) I've just finished watch this drama. I like the ending tho, I expected worse from what I always read. Family, friends, values, principles, it was very warm and inspiring. you're 18 years old." The whole speech at the end is the true icing of the cupcake, really got me. From what she see, Eunbi is suffering from bullying and stuff. So likewise, even if Taekwang is always around Eun Bi, her heart chooses to go to Han Yi An. Life is more about the big moments which Tae Kwang seemed to represent.

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