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We settled about half way between the resort and the water having passed a couple of beach bars that were not yet open.

We put our towels on two beach chairs and unpacked our few worldly items leaving passports, cabin cards, credit card and cameras in the bag.

She is rightfully proud of her body which by any standard is exceptional.

Although we have three grown children she wears many of the same clothes she wore twenty-five years ago.

I have taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures of her in all states of undress and many before, during and after sex.

I have a particular fondness for the before and after pictures that show a perfectly trimmed triangle and after pictures showing her wet and opened with my cum dripping from her.

We had slept in that morning and enjoyed a room service breakfast and for a change we did not have sex although I did use a razor and shaving cream to trim and shape her into a perfect triangle.

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She had her usual seven pounds of magazines and I had the vacation required J Grisham novel to enjoy.

There was no one within twenty yards of us at that time although that would soon change for both the better and the worse.

It took me about a nanosecond to undress leaving swim suit and shirt in the bag.

I make no similar claims to a good 'figure' but try to do the best I can with a 61 year old body that does not get the exercise it needs. Twenty five years ago the word no was not in her vocabulary when it came to sex and sex with several variations.

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Until I fictionalized the events described here she would never encourage the use of role play, used toys or considered group scenes.

Roger, our taxi driver was a bit of a character that enjoyed pointing out different sites including a whorehouse where the visiting cruise ship employees found release.