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14-Jun-2017 17:18

It’s nice to see how kind Beerus is even though he doesn’t show it to the other characters.The teases for future episodes were also great and the fact that there are 12 Universes out there means there should be years of adventures with Goku and the gang.

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Not to mention they have been holding this tournament that some might say was pointless that even Goku and Hit couldn’t be bothered fighting over it.

Monaka on the other hand is rewarded with gold and treasure for winning the tournament.

Beerus promises to Monaka that he can fight Goku one day.

Beerus actually asked Whis to do one of the most unselfish wishes I have ever seen in Dragon Ball.

Beerus wished for Universe 6’s Earth to be revived.

The episode ends with the others going back to Earth.

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