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06-Jun-2017 13:01

A computer without a BIOS wouldn't understand how these pieces of the computer work together. However, the CMOS battery is used to provide constant power to the chip.

When the computer first boots up, BIOS pulls information from the CMOS chip to understand the hardware settings, time, and anything else that's stored in it.

Pulled the side of my case off, shut down PC and switched the CMOS clear jumper, turned it back on and it booted up.

Obviously it gave me the option to load default settings with F2 or go into BIOS settings with F1.

Searched around for a while, found that it could be a bad CMOS battery, bought a new one, same thing. Searched for the latest BIOS update from ASUS, downloaded it and flashed it. Got into BIOS and checked the BIOS version and it's the one I flashed to it.

Thought it could be a glitch in the memory so I ran Memtest86 from 6 hours while I watched the super bowl, (go green bay).

CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) is the term usually used to describe the small amount of memory on a computer motherboard that stores the BIOS settings.

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So I read somewhere to reset the CMOS and that worked and I would like to know why.Well after a couple of failed attempts I just decided to give it a rest, set everything to the last config I had that worked.Once I did I hit save and exit, pc shut down, came back on, fans spun, dvd and hdd drives both powered up, but never sent a signal to the monitor, never when into BIOS Post.Although they use both negative polarity circuits and positive polarity circuits (NMOS and PMOS), only one circuit type is powered on at a time.

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The Mac equivalent to CMOS is PRAM, which stands for Parameter RAM.Cleared the CMOS with jumper yet again, powered up.

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