Mtv sex is no accident campaign

21-Nov-2017 06:24

Trying to define the word “propaganda” is like trying to herd cats into a box. One person may feel that propaganda advances a negative or deceitful message while another person would argue that it can be used to advance positive endeavors.

But at its root, propaganda is a tool to get a message across.

He didn’t just become the Captain by taking the serum, but he gets a face lift to look like Steve Rogers. As the new Captain America, Burnside takes on a new enemy in the Communist threat–a real, tangible scare for America in the early 1950s. Japs, like General Tojo, show humorless intensity of ruthless mystics.” In another PSA cartoon, linked here, the “Chinese smiles easily–while the Jap usually expects to be shot…and is very unhappy about the whole thing.” I suppose the message really is to just be happy!

But, because he was not exposed to the vita-rays to control the serum’s effects, Burnside slowly goes insane. #11 “Enlist” (1917) The message here is clear: Don’t ever let a helpless woman die while cradling the lifeless body of her infant child as they sink into the frigid, murky depth of the ocean.

The "sex as a deadly weapon" message was inverted by a Japanese designer's condom gun concept, pictured below.

3) This borderline-libelous MTV advert produced for World Aids Day highlights how your partner's past conquests may come back to haunt them, and you.

Click here for the full chain, which includes Demi Moore, Leonardo Di Caprio and Angelina Jolie.

10) A condom beats the AIDS virus at cooking and billiards in this wry safe sex commercial.

11) Do you spend more time protecting your computer from viruses than you do protecting your body?#9 “Take the Road to Defend the Motherland” (1972) Communism is known for its unapologetic use of propaganda and the communists of North Vietnam were no different.

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