Nj dating violence bill

13-Jul-2017 00:04

There are several steps employers should take to ensure compliance with the NJ SAFE ACT, as well as guard against possible misuse of the law, protect themselves against excessive administrative costs, and minimize the risk of litigation brought by protected employees.Our recommendations are: The New Jersey Department of Labor will issue a posting that covered employers must display in their workplaces.Additionally, it will publish interpretive regulations regarding the proper implementation of the new law.In the few months before the law goes into effect, and until the Department of Labor implements its regulations, employers should consult with counsel to ensure that all policies are up to date and disseminated to all employees and personnel, and to otherwise ensure compliance with these new statutory obligations.Unlike California and New York, the NJ SAFE Act did not amend the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) to include victims of domestic violence or sexual assault as a protected class.Regardless, employers should continue to be mindful of how state and federal law may apply to employment situations involving employees who are the victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

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” or “You’re too sensitive.” Forgetting/Denial: the abusive partner pretends to have forgotten what actually occurred or denies things like promises made to the victim. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” or “You’re just making stuff up.” Gaslighting typically happens very gradually in a relationship; in fact, the abusive partner’s actions may seem harmless at first.The sole remedy for a violation of the NJ SAFE Act is a private cause of action in civil court.

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