Thailand dating and marraiage

05-Aug-2017 06:56

But when it comes to the younger generation, the simple fact of the matter is that if each earns a modest amount, there will be a need to pool their financial resources simply to make ends meet.

For Westerners earning a modest amount and dating a woman with a decent job, don't be shy to let her know that she may need to contribute.

In many relationships in Thailand these days, where the woman of the house is in full-time employment earning a similar amount to her husband, it may be expected that she contributes.

The mother in law used to say that this was a modern woman thing and she was not impressed by it – and neither are many older Thais.

In times gone by it was seen as compensation to the family of the woman for the cost of raising her, and the fact that the family would be losing a farm hand.

While a very high percentage of Thais are still employed in agriculture, the percentage of the population working the fields today is much less than it used to be.

So Thai husbands are a little more careful with their money and perhaps a little less trusting.I know of a good number of Thai women aged 30 – 35 who earn comfortably more than 60,000 Thai baht a month.Admittedly none of them date teachers but if they did, they would in all likelihood be earning more than him!The more chivalrous amongst us might be aghast at the mere thought of the woman having to reach into her purse during a date.

But Thailand is changing and Thai women are, as already explained, securing better jobs and earning more and more.

He pays for everything, leaving him bahtless come the end of the month.

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