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13-Aug-2017 08:02

And, when a light bulb exploded in the house while Nixon was there, the Secret Service went into a tizzy and stumbled on the gun collection in a den closet that they had previously missed.After the incident, tape blocked the entrance to the room and two agents guarded it when Nixon was there. “It was an exciting time,” said Martha Lea, “but we wouldn’t ever do it again.” On the plus side, the Smiths ate out a lot and that kept Martha Lea out of the kitchen on shooting days.

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And, looking back now, how much did Nixon really admit during the interviews?

To answer the first question, and to understand how Nixon was nudged, I turned to a friend who was involved in that process; indeed, he provided David Frost with the key to getting Nixon to talk.

The couple was to leave the home during filming hours, from 9 a.m. While her husband, who passed away last year, worked at his gun shop in San Juan Capistrano, Martha Lea spent the day visiting friends, shopping and doing other out-of-the-house stuff.

In the evening, the Smiths would get a call telling them they could return.In turn, I myself can cover the issue of how much or little, in fact, Nixon actually conceded to Frost and the American public.

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